Car Shipping Dealerships

An auto dealer gets shipped cars within a  one week span. Auto transport companies deal with shipping of cars in the most efficient and reliable manner. In order to ship a vehicle using an auto transport company individuals need to plan ahead and schedule in advance to ensure delivery of their car is right on time. So that a car is transported, personal items belonging to an individual is cleared out. The trucks used for transportation need to meet the weight regulations and insurance cover. Personal items need to be removed so that individuals may not incur an extra charge or cause of delay in the transport of the vehicle. The auto company at is presented forth a checklist for the purposes of acknowledgement when the vehicle goes through an inspection.

Removal of the antennae should be done while ensuring the car has low fuel. Draining of the fuel tank is important in order to avoid unnecessary risk or safety hazard. Any loose parts of the vehicle like the antennae, bed liners are also removed so that they don't get damaged or blown away by the wind. The next step in the process of transporting your vehicle is having an assured service that does door to door services. In terms of door to door delivery services, auto transport companies are able to pick up a vehicle from their current location and deliver to the next location of choice.

Unsecure neighborhoods or inaccessible areas require individuals to meet with the transport driver in another location that is more accommodative. A contract known as the bill of loading is signed  by both parties during picking of the vehicle. The vehicle is then secured by the transport driver ready for transportation across the country. Transportation of the vehicle then begins as there is no limit to location destination but in terms of distance covered per day that is limited.

In the last step of vehicle transportation is picking up of the vehicle after reaching its final destination. An additional charge is incurred when individuals want the transport company to deliver their vehicle to their desired location. Local transportation involves similar steps such as those followed when wanting to ship internationally. Should you wish to learn more about car shipping at

A shipping company requires documents such as identity card, proof of ownership, vehicle title. So as to ship internationally the individual is required to fill out a quote form. The quote form provides an individual with a probable estimate of the cost in the shipping process. However a shipping expert contacts the individual in order to review the estimate and explain the shipping process.

Upon reviewing the important information by a shipping expert, individuals starts to finalize on booking, determination of scheduling logistics and deposit making is done.  Identity cards, proof of ownership and vehicle title are the important documents that are required from an individual. Be sure to click for more info!